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New Art, New Ideas


凯8娱乐官方网站As we celebrate 40 years of New Art, New Ideas, we take this occasion to reaffirm our core values, reflect on our history, confront the present, and continue to imagine the future.

We believe in the essential role of culture凯8娱乐官方网站 to a free and open civil society.

We embrace difference, debate, and multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender凯8娱乐官方网站, class, or creed.

The Museum has an international reach and we work with artists and partners across the globe. Our programs and collaborations provide a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, fostering empathy, mutual understanding, and respect.

The free flow of ideas and of people is essential to what we do. We oppose xenophobia and discrimination and remain steadfastly committed to the fundamental American principles expression and open engagement.

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